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Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and might benefit from romney's tax plan. but she doesn't believe it will be good for the country. so she's voting for the president. >> you have to pay your fair share in taxes. that means big business. that means small business. >> phillip is ceo of a local industrial supplier. he wants smaller government and is voting for mitt romney. >> i think that is the central question in this election. what is the size, the role, and the scope of government and what is its cost? >> both candidates will be locking for more supporters right up to election day. susan, cbs news, columbus, ohio. >> and by the way, ohio voters have accurately picked the winning presidential candidate in the last 12 elections. derek. >>> coming up, sky dive aboarded. find out why an extreme athlete cancels that effort and he does it at the last second. >>> we are tracking another cold front. we'll tell you what that means for your morning commute and the nats game tomorrow afternoon. >>> and i'm scott broom live in montgomery county. investigating the tragic death of a mentally ill man after he was hit by police pe
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in maryland and there's still 27 days left before the election. >> question 7 cuts taxes for billionaire special interests. >> it has gotten so bad the two sides are spending much of their money just blasting the other side's commercials. >> their dishonest as are everywhere. >> even the politicians are sick of. >> they drive me nuts. >> -- of it. >> they drive they nuts. >> i want to watch the ballgames. >> penn national, which owns a casino in west virginia, has spent $21.6 million to defeat plans for expanded gaming in maryland. >> question 7 will create 12,000 jobs. >> and mgm, caesar's and owners of national harbor have spent almost $18 million to convince voters they're going to build. las vegas on the potomac. >> they generate information value. there's no educational content in any of them. we might as well set the money on fire. at least they'd warm some people up. >> the companies have already gambled more money than was spent in maryland's fiercest governor's race. trouble is the ads seem to work. >> and i do not support question 7. >> penn national outspent its rivals by $12
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2